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People often take multivitamins, calcium and supplements but should it be taken by pets too?

Most pets receive an adequate supply of multivitamins and calcium from commercially processed foods but the ones on a homemade diet may need supplements.

We have curated a list of best-selling and effective supplements to save your time. Though, we always suggest consulting a vet regarding the dosage of a particular supplement or product.

How should you choose a supplement?

  1. Read labels. Know the name of the ingredient you are looking for, so you won't get deceived by a sound-alike.
  2. Look for a lot number on the product, a sign that the company has set up quality control checks.
  3. Look for a contact number for the company on the label.
  4. Call and ask who formulated the product, what expertise they have, and how long the manufacturer has been in business.
  5. Be wary of claims that sound too good to be true such as promises to alleviate diseases like parvovirus, cancer, and hip dysplasia.
  6. Look for certification from an organisation that has independently verified a supplement's contents.
  7. Be cautious about giving human supplements to dogs. Some products such as Garlic can be dangerous for Dogs.

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