PET PATTERN Cat Litter 5 KG-Pet Pattern-XOXOtails


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  • PET PATTERN Cat Litter forms compact lumps when it becomes wet and that not a single drop can pass through.
  • PET PATTERN Cat Litter Adsorptive capacity assures safe bending of bacteria and odors, quite naturally without any chemical additives.
  • It has a highly absorbent mineral bentonite is particularly suitable as a quality pet litter and also has a low-dust grain texture and does not stick to paws and fur.
  • This cat Litter is special clay with extremely good absorptive properties. In other words, PET PATTERN Cat Litter is an entirely natural, environmentally safe product, unbleached and contains no harmful substances or fibers. After use PET PATTERN Cat Litter can be reemployed as a composting aid, or for soil-improvement with excellent results.
  • PET PATTERN Cat Litter is economical, only the lumps have to be removed daily and just add more litter instead of completely refilling. Fill initially to a height of 7CM.
  • It is  99% dust-free. Your cat will leave no footprints after stepping out of the tray.

Direction of use:- 

  • Fill to a height of 7 CM. Remove lumps that have formed daily. Add more litter every 2-3 days. change once a week.

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