Petlogix Detangle Hair Conditioner, 120 ML-Detangle-XOXOtails

Petlogix Detangle Hair Conditioner for Dogs & Cats 120 ML

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PET HAIR DETANGLER - Does your pet have hair that tangles and makes it hard to brush? Petlogix Detangle Hair Conditioner helps to loosen up those tangles and makes it easier to brush your pet. It is the perfect detangling you can brush your pet without working out with the knots to save you the time and frustration.

SUBTLE FRESH SMELL – Not only this detangles your pet’s hair but it also leaves your pet smelling fresh and clean. You and your pet will love the amazing scent it gives! Get those stinky smells away you’re your pet and give them a smell that will make you want to cuddle up next to them.

MAKES GROOMING EASIER – We understand pet’s grooming time does not have to be a hassle! That’s why we have ensured with this simple no-rinse leave-in formula. Simply apply the conditioning spray on the coat of your pet after their bath and you are done! Leave in. No more struggling to keep your pet in the tub.

PUPPY-FRIENDLY – The offered conditioner is formulated with chosen ingredients like coconut oil to ensure safe usage even for the sensitive skin. You can use this conditioner on your dog, puppy and even rabbits and cats to ensure a tangle-free and fresh smelling fur and coat.


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