Petlogix Natural Breath Freshner Spray 100G-Petlogix-XOXOtails

Petlogix Natural Breath Freshner Spray for Dogs & Cats 100 ML

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Petlogix Canine Mouth Wash is a spray type of pet Oral Freshener and it is an effective cleaning solution to eliminate mouth odors to help your pet’s breath odor fresh, while also supporting their periodontal health.

This oral spray features Peppermint to provide a long-lasting clean sensation that freshens breathe delivers additional freshening from foul odors caused by excess bacteria.

Quick and easy solution to eliminate your pet’s bad breath. With our unique formula, you can reduce your dog's foul mouth odor caused by bad bacteria with ease with our Dental Care Spray.

To support your dog’s oral hygiene, this spray contains Ginger, which may help reduce plaque buildup to give teeth a clean and healthy appearance for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

It also includes Papaya, an herb with compounds that promote better breath and proper digestive function to support your canine’s gut health.


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