Premium Anti Skid Dog Bowl

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  • These bowls are made from high quality thick stainless steel. They are thicker and heavier than other bowls. Heaviest weight, high-quality stainless steel.
  • High gloss inside finish makes it easy-to-clean
  • Bonded rubber base for stability. Vet-recommended bacteria resistant stainless steel interior.
  • Highest Blend of Chromium for strength & Nickel for durability/finish.
  • NON-SKID RUBBER BOTTOM: All bowls have a rubber bottom, not just a rubber ring on the outside. Because of this and the fact that they are heavier, they are harder for dogs to flip and push across the floor.
  • Durable bowls that can last longer.
Size Bowl Capacity Diameter Height
Small 320 ML 13.8 CM 5.5 CM
Medium 640 ML 16.2 CM 6.3 CM
Large 1380 ML 21.5 CM 6.7 CM

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