Smarty Pet Bathing Towel

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  • Made of PVA , this pet towel is gentle to the pets’ skin and non sticky feeling than general microfiber. With antibacterial properties built in, it maintains optimum hygiene for your pets
  • This luxury towel is super soft on your beloved pet whilst being extremely durable, and will therefore perform better and last longer. This towel can be machine washed and tumble dried which will optimize your experience.
  • Super absorbent. The high grade and extra thick PVA with evaporation technology, making our towel holds substantially more water than bulkier Cotton. Its durable design paired with workable science will bring you the best drying
  • Packed with water resistance box, no worries about used towel will wet your clothes after using. It’s convenient to pack it or take it out when camping, swimming, and going to yoga and so on
  • Not only used as a pet towel, it is also the perfect travel and home essentials to dry your hair or clean windows and cars. After a bath or walk in the rain, you can also use the towel to both dry pets and place on the floor to absorb dripping water.

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