Haircut for Dogs

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Haircut for Dog involves three types of Haircut.

  • Shave 

    • It includes removing the hair upto the length mentioned by the parent.
    • Recommended when body fur is full of knots, infected with ticks & fleas or having some allergies and infection.
    • Mostly required by parents in shedding season when pets shed their coats.
    • We don't recommend shaving as pets do need their coats in winter and summer as well.
    • Coats need to be clean, well-conditioned and mat free, well-brushed, regularly de-shed but they need their coats.
    • Please don't ask for shaving a double coat pet as that might not be beneficial for pet.
  • Regular Haircut

    • This will be a haircut service which will be trimming off the extra hair on top of the coat.
    • It won't do any damage to the pet in general and recommended for skin & coat health.
    • Regular Haircut to be done as and when required for long coat pets.
    • Length and other specifications to be mentioned in the agreement and groomer will be following the same.
  • Designer(Show) Haircut

    • Parents get this done whenever they want to go to some parties with their companions/pet parties/pet shows.
    • Our house of experienced groomers will get this done at an affordable pricing with complete precautions.
    • There might be some instances when desired picture may be different from actual grooming due to difference in pet's coat.


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