“Treats “, the word itself evokes a feeling of great pleasure. Guess what, pet treats holding the true nature of satisfying the taste buds, does a lot more. Choose your pets treat in accordance with its individual needs; i.e. to boost the immune system, for healthy fur growth, or to promote soft skin.

How can we help? If that is what you have in your mind, then we are at your service. To solidify your choice, we offer a wide assortment of already vetted treats based on the feedback of more than 10000 fellow pet parents who shop from options like - Jerky, Bones, Biscuits, Sticks, Chewy, Dental Care etc.

 Doubts? Check the available brands and their pricing once.


  • Training Purposes-: Treats are widely considered as a reward food and are one of the most effective food to motivate your pet for simple exercises.
  • Wholesome Nutrition-: Treats are not only toothsome but also packs a great amount of nutrition.
  • Better Dental Health-: Treats help in improving dental care and hygiene. These are natural and chewy in nature and helps to promote strong and healthy teeth.

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