Frequently Asked Questions - Boarding

Pet Boarding FAQs

    • What is your minimum age when accepting a dog for boarding or daycare? As always, our primary concern is the welfare of the dogs in our care. It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of “adult” shots at 12 weeks and once this first round is completed we are happy to have them join us at the playhouse. Once they complete their full vaccine requirements (usually after the Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks or whenever required by state law), we are happy to welcome them into group play.
    • Can my pet catch a disease by being around other pets? Your pet can be exposed to diseases regardless of where they are, whether at home, at a dog park, taking a walk in your neighbourhood, or staying at our playhouse. However, the risk of contracting a disease is quite low and virtually eliminated when proper vaccinations are administered (as we require). In addition, we maintain very high sanitation standards and we do everything we can to prevent transmittable diseases from occurring in our premises. Any additional charges incurred in medication, prescription to be borne by parents only.
    • My dog drinks non-stop when he gets home from boarding. Why does she/he come home so thirsty? This is not uncommon. What often happens is that dogs spend so much time playing with each other that they sometimes forget to stop and take a drink. For those parents that have children, it is similar to a child forgetting to eat lunch because they are so busy playing with their friends. Please know that we offer multiple sources of water in each play area and every dog has a bowl of fresh water in their respective premises at all times.
    • Can all of my dogs stay together in the same area? Yes, we actually encourage dogs from the same home to stay together. We find that dogs from the same home usually do better when they stay with their siblings or buddies. But, similar case might not happen if you have a couple of opposite sex i.e. one is male and other is female.
    • Do you give discounts for multiple pets? We offer discounts for each additional dog for both daycare and boarding services.

      For those who have a big family, we incorporate discounts into your invoice for full day of daycare, half day of daycare, daycare packages. Please call on our concerned contact numbers to know more about discounts or you can book directly from website.

    • While my dog is boarding with you, will they be taken out for walks? Unfortunately No. We don't as the area is quite big and they enjoy running in the area exploring other pets and doing pee and poop in specified areas if they are trained. 
    • Do you have any outdoor areas? Where is my dog going to go to the bathroom when in your care? We do have a designated poop area beside garden. Moreover as we all know that dogs do have a marking behaviour which might result in peeing at different places with in the premises but we have strict hygiene control team who is active all the day time to keep the place clean.
    • My pets like to have toys with them. Can they have their favourite toys while boarding with you?  Absolutely. Your dog can have their favourite toy in his/her suite during their boarding stay. However, we do not allow toys in common play areas where dogs can sometimes become aggressive if they haven’t learned to share.
    • My dog is on a special diet. Can I bring in my own food? Of course. We actually encourage pet parents to bring their dog’s special food with them when they come to the premises. If you cannot or would rather not supply your own food, or if we run out of your dog’s food while you’re away, we’ll be happy to accommodate your dog by feeding him or her with same special diet food without any extra charges. Please do fill feeding details in pet boarding form.
    • Are you able to administer medication if my dog needs it? We’re able to provide medication to your pet whenever he needs it. We do have a dedicated vet group who takes care of such cases. We will be contacting you in advance for something serious. So, please don't forget to share your alternate numbers. Also, medicine details and timings to be mentioned in pet boarding form.
    • Is your playhouse air-conditioned? Yes, our playhouse is completely climate controlled so that they remain comfortable year round.
    • My dog lost weight during their boarding visit. Is that normal? It’s not uncommon for a pet to lose some weight while staying in the boarding. Most of the weight loss is due to the excitement of being with other guests and the exercise they receive while playing in our large play areas. Dogs in our care get constant activity which doesn’t always happen at home. In short, dogs will typically burn significantly more calories during their boarding visit than they normally do.
    • Do you accept all breeds of dog? Yes, we love all dogs and do not discriminate based on breed, age, alteration or size. If your dog is social, they will get the same amount of time in our play groups as any other dog regardless of breed. If your dog is not social with other dogs, s/he will get individual play time with a staff member. We do not, however, accept dogs that are aggressive with people. We have a very hands-on playhouse team that requires us to work closely with all of our guests and we cannot do that effectively if your dog is aggressive towards people. 
    • Are the dogs at playhouse ever left alone? Our playhouse is staffed 24-hours each day, 7 days each week so your dog is never truly alone. We do have 10+ members in caretaker's team in night and 15+ in day to handle all aspects while in boarding.
    • Can I bring my dog’s own bed? Sure. We’re happy to have your dog sleep on his or her bed when they’re with us if it makes them feel more comfortable. For that, we have to make him/her sleep separate either in separate areas or away from group.
    • What times can I drop off and pick up my dog? Our normal lobby hours are from 9 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. However, we have staff at the premises 24 hours each day and you can drop off and pickup your dog starting early from 8 am till 8 pm( only in case of some emergencies).
    • Can I drop my dog if she is in heat period? Dogs who are intact (not spayed/neutered) will be allowed to stay at our premises (with the exception of females while they are actively in heat).

      The reason we cannot accept female dogs in heat is that they emit a scent that can be smelled from miles away.  While our premises are very spacious, dog's noses are so sensitive that they could smell this throughout the location, which could cause increased arousal levels for all of our guests. Therefore, for the safety of all of our guests, we cannot welcome them during this time. While we cannot accommodate a female while she’s in heat, we, unlike many other places, do welcome intact dogs in general and therefore do have a number of show dogs who stay with us at other times.  If they go into heat while they are boarding and they are unable to get picked up by the pet parent, there is an additional 500/- Rs day handling fee for caring for these guests.

    • How will I get the assurance about my pet's well-being?   We do have the provision of sharing CCTV access of concerned areas which you can see in your smartphone 24*7. Having said that, it may happen you can't see your pet in cameras shared for few instances as pet do have a habit in sleeping in corners. You can always drop a message on chat support to send you a current picture in working hours. ( 9 am - 7 pm preferred) Is there could be anything better than this? We would love to enhance the transparency part.

    • Can my dog get some minor cuts, bruises while stay at boarding? Yes. It can happen as canines only have teeth and paws to play with. Sometimes, play suddenly turns into heating moments and regardless of the place, it can happen anywhere where count is 1+ dogs. We do have a big team to avoid any major clashes but we request parents to give each and every possible details about the behaviour of pet so that we can do the placement accordingly to minimise such events. Having said that, we do always have a first aid kit box ready and vets on-boarded for critical cases 24*7. We have noticed 15-20 such scenarios out of 100k+ sessions we executed till now.
    • Can my dog get ticks while stay at boarding? Yes. It can happen in scenarios where parents has denied to go with prevention medication regarding ticks & fleas or it went clear while checking pet on arrival due to small larvae/eggs. Again, tick can happen at any place where there is grass. If on arrival, we find any pets infested with ticks/fleas, pet will get transferred to grooming session instantly for anti-tick & flea treatment(charges to be borne by parents). If we were not able to figure out the cases of ticks on arrival, we will be taking care of the charges of the tick-flea treatment. Cases where parent has opted for spot-on solution to be applied on arrival as a precautionary step, we ensure that we should return pet free from ticks & fleas. Please do check your pet satisfactorily while picking up pet as ticks can get spread from parent's home as well. To know more about Anti-tick and flea treatment, click here.
    • My dog does not eat sometimes. He eat whenever we feed by hands. Will it be feasible here? Yes. We can take care of same 
    • I might be needing pickup and drop services. Can you help in same? Yes. We do provide pet taxi services with door to door pickups and drops. To know more about Pet Taxi, click here.
    • I might be needing long term boarding. Can you help in working out packages for same to save some bucks? Yes. We do provide monthly subscriptions services for boarding. Either you can drop the mail to support( or contact us via chat for instant quotes. You can utilise your packs as desired for an economic value. We give several other services complimentary in long term boardings.
    • What we have to bring while boarding our pet? Actually we don't need anything apart from pet's health/vaccination card. Below are the vaccination with required and optional status. 
      • 9 in 1/ 8 in 1 /5 in 1 vaccination - Required
      • Anti Rabies vaccination - Required
      • Coronavirus vaccination(Please don't mix with Covid-19) - Optional but recommended.
      • Kennel Cough vaccination - Optional but recommended.
    • My pet is infested with ticks & fleas. Will you be accepting such cases? Yes. We can accept such cases provided such cases to be treated in grooming parlour first prior taking them inside into pet boarding premises. Charges to be borne by parents.
    • How will you be calculating boarding charges? There are two types of boarding. Daycare means same day pickup and drop while overnight boarding is boarding for 24 hours. Day care pricing is valid upto 9 hours where one meal is inclusive in pricing. For additional meals, 175/- Rs per meal will be charged for branded foods and 100/- to be charged for home foods and 125/- to be charged (home + branded) food combos. If duration of daycare exceed over 10 hours, overnight boarding prices to be applicable till completion of 24 hours.

Still not satisfied or looking for something else? Drop us an email on or contact via chat to know more.

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