Hey Pal,

We are a lean team with multiple years of experience from startups like 

  • Swiggy
  • Delhivery
  • Rentomojo
  • Licious
  • Revv

What made us to work along?

  • Passion and Love towards Pets
  • Absence of a Reliable Pet Care Brand in India

 If you are also interested in solving problems across Pet Care Industry, let's connect and discuss things forward.

 We are currently looking for 

  1. Full Stack Developer
  2. Social Media Professional (Youtube, Linked IN, Facebook, Insta etc)
  3. SEO Friendly & Original Content Writer

 Send your resumes on to initiate. Meanwhile, profiles apart from above can also be considered as we will be expanding soon.

 Browse us and let us know as how can you add value to the small but loving system.

 PS - We value Talent above your degree or college. 

 See you!

 Posted by - Cooper, Eve, Sophie & Katie