XOXOtails Petskool Obedience Training

Course Definition : What all is covered in Obedience program? We offer two type of Dog Obedience Training
  1. Basic Obedience Training - Course of 3 months
  2. Advanced Obedience Training - Course of 6 months
Commands inclusive in both of the courses : 
 Obedience Training Module Command's List
Come Heel
Come Heel
2 Come
3 Wait
4 No
5 Sit
6 Take
7 Don't Take
Don't Take
8 Shake Hand
Shake Hand
9 Next Hand
Next Hand
10 Stay
11 Pee & Poop Training
Pee & Poop Training
12 Off Off
13 - Sleep
14 - Roll
15 - Stand Up
16 - Fetch
17 - Drop
18 - Easy
19 - Go
20 - Salute
21 - Crawl
22 - Speak
23 - Quiet
24 - Search
25 - Down


Timelines : Basic course takes about 3 months for all above mentioned commands in left column which may vary w.r.t dog breeds, intelligence, history etc and Advanced course takes 6 months in total (3 months for basic and 3 months for additional commands).

Payments : Payments to be done in advance post demo session. It can be done per month basis or in advance for the course to avail some discounts. We charge on the basis of no. of sessions completed. In case, parent is not satisfied with the demo class and don't want to go ahead with training module, we can part ways post upfront payment of demo class.

In case, parents are impressed and want to continue with the module, demo class will be considered as the First session.

Pricing is 10000/- for every 15 sessions inclusive taxes.

Type of Breeds : All breeds can be trained without any bar and without any age limitations.

Demo Class : We always prefer to do demo class for satisfaction of pet parents so that they will get to know the level of confidence we infuse with the pets. Demo class charges will be 750/- Rs inclusive taxes.

Place, Timings & Duration of Class : Dog can be trained at parent's place or XOXOtails Petskool. Timings will be set on mutual understanding basis. Duration of the class will start from 20-25 minutes and will increase down the line as the course progresses. Sessions to be conducted every alternate days. Due to COVID-19 lockdown across borders, 3-4 classes will be the average numbers that may happen in a week .

Communication : Trainer, team or customer to inform in case of any delays or absence at least 12 hours prior scheduled class date to avoid wastage of time on both the ends. Repeated instances may incur some value of monetary charges to ensure sustainability.

Transparency : We will be providing with a road map to ensure we all are on the same page regarding process once the payment has been made.

Method Used in Training : Motivational Training

Escalations : All escalations to be mailed to care@xoxotails.com without any delay for smoother operations and parent satisfaction. Team will get back to you in next 4 - 6 working hours.

We believe in training along with parents but we expect :

  • Parents to watch from some other room while training session is going on as dog or pup should not feel your presence. Parents will be having their classes with dog/pup once the trainer advise to do so.
  • Parents to not advise the trainer regarding jumping commands and processes.
  • Parents to not ask trainers to make their pets attack on someone else.
  • Parents to attend classes once the trainer asks to do so else trainer will be the sole master of the dog.
  • Parents to practice commands as being told by the trainer to make him learn fast and overcome issues on next day of training.
  • Parents to follow same commands and reward pet once he is doing something positive else pet might start forgetting commands down the line post training session.

In case we are missing something or you want to know more, click frequently asked questions by our community here.  OR Drop us an email on care@xoxotails.com