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Comprehensive Grooming Package for Cats

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Comprehensive Grooming package will be including below services at an affordable pricing without compromising on the quality.

  • Haircut 

    • Haircut to be done in accordance with the grooming agreement. Groomer will be referencing the agreement for length of hair size and other instructions just to avoid any doubts. 
  • Regular Bathing

    • Bathing to be done with the 100% Natural, Sulphate-FREE and Vet-approved Shampoos for enhanced results.  
  • Blow Drying

    • Pet to be dried via Blow Dryer post bathing session. 
  • Nail Clipping

    • Nails to be clipped once all other services have been completed by team. We prefer to grind the nails where there is a probability of getting blood from nail while doing service.
  • Sanitary & Anal Glands Cleaning

    • Cat's Sanitary area to be cleaned with the trimmer, scissor to remove extra hair at the excretion points.
    • Cat's Anal Gland to be cleaned (if there is need of same).
  • Ear & Mouth Cleaning

    • Ear to be cleaned with the wipes and ear cleaning solution from Vet-approved brands.
  • Paw Massage  & Trimming

    • Paw's hair to be groomed and shortened as per the standard requirements so that it easy to see through them.
    • Paw massage to be given for 5-10 minutes.
  • Application of Mist

    • Mists & Deodorants to be applied for fragrance post completion of grooming session.


 - Please fill Grooming Consent Form here

 - Please fill Covid-19 Consent Form here

Above two forms are required to go ahead for any grooming service. Please fill and submit same to avoid any hassles through out the service.

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